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I Am the Wargod (Ode to the Battle Slain) - lyrics

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From the dawn of time
Man has always sought to allay his fears,
From the demons without and the demons that surely lurk within
"Don't look for a rhyme or a reason to the story
Now is not the time, the season, no glory
Don't look for a moral or right to this tale
Don't look for a saviour for your weak and your frail"
For I Am the War God
There are many bridges to be crossed
and many more to burn!
"I would sooner see you dead than hear your poisoned words
Slain upon a battle field, your voice cannot be heard
I would suffer a thousand years, a thousand years in silence
My advice to you, is a message in violence."
'cos I Am the War God!
"Though the tale is over, the song remains the same
Gods and idealism forever call our name
So we rise upon to the mount with Kings at our Command
To turn the endless cycle of the savage bloody hand"
And it's hard to learn from the past,
When the past is a whore to the last
And it's hard to see into the night
When your eyes are blinded by the light
And it's hard to hold back the Hate

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