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To the victor the spoils
As I lay here seduced by the power of my ill begotten gains
Outside - War! The ruthless slay
Basking in horrors as my tyranny reigns
But even now I can't resist
Pounding bone with my studded fist
Dawn brings promise but I was cursed at birth
To rule or die like a storm upon this earth
As a mercenary first I came to be
Then the armies hailed and bowed to me!
Wolf, serpent, ritual fire
Blackens the skies like a fucking pyre
Behold my banner kneel to me
Behold my banner my legions see
There's a demon behind these eyes - pitch black eyes
Cruel undead, relentless beast
Animal now as always been
For some are born with the curse
The curse of knowing, and seeing with pitch black eyes
Wolf, serpent, ritual fire
Chokes the skies like a blackened pyre

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Cold Steel... For An Iron Age