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Visions sweep across my mind
The final call I hear
Darkness falls eternally
Inside embraced with fear
A growing fear comes over me
Scared of what I'll find
Darkest recollections
Death intrudes my mind
With open eyes I shall behold
I’m not afraid to see
What will I find, who will I meet
What visions will I see
Chaos sinks into my mind
What will become of me
Descend into the other world
The place of final peace
A new dimension far away
Where everything will cease
Now, silently I’ll march towards the end
Life is hidden well beyond the veils of pain
Go beyond, experience
What no one did before
To the place where time is dead
And stay forevermore
Darkest place, emptiness
No visions left to see
This is the place where I will spend
Eternal destiny
I close my eyes, I now have seen
What will become of me

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Into Eternity