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Wretched hollow black eyes watching the lies
Season of unsane
Hear them promise you all while poison salutes your fall
Die in pain
Coming down- our cult sets chaos free
Bring it down- man and beast to equality
Marching of ants, soon free in the remnants
Civilization talls
Death without disgrace bloodthirsty set ablaze a bonefire
Ten miles tall
Scarred in blood they'll make us drown
Revel in trust and let us die
Peel our skin, suck dry within
End in pain and hurt
Because they love it
Innocence scratched away you're pestilence and a day
In sleep you slit
Treacherous punic wares of broken lives the gran heir
Throne of shit
Coming down- in filth this world is drawn
Bring it down
And reek like the blood dripping from your teeth that stains the unborn dawn
It brings joy as a traumatic loss, and they'll repeat the misery
It bring peace as a behemoth, and they'll repeat the misery
Pale ghost faced irreverence spreads the spawn of vengeance
All-out carnage reigns
Spinal shattered nerves- pig watch you die like you deserve
In pain
Revel in trust gone in the wind like dust
Revel in hurt bled like blood in the dirt

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Ninewinged Serpent