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Mourn the Dead - lyrics

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Sounds creeping from the woods
beneath the pake light
rain falling in the trees
under a cloudless sky
silver moon barely peeking over the crests
of the most distant trees
mere arts of illusion
reflecting the light from the moon and stars
into the night the grate of the sky
wavering in its shroud of darkness
flesh gleaming under the moonlight
crawling along the ground
eyes bright and glassy
a glory to behold
the apocalypse of the seven thunders
an excised passage from revelation
Elements of fantasy
over the sea of lights
the lonely voice of the stars
at the quietness of the world at a dawn
suppressed prophesy
the key to the bottomles pit
unsealed the abyss
Mourn the dead
the sky commenced to darken
taking on a sheen
from beyond the gulfs of darkness
Mourn the dead

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