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Devvon Terrell - 679 (RNB VERSION) - lyrics

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Woah, woah
It's your boy Devvon Terrell, man
Fetty Wap be like "Yeaaah, baby!"
[Verse 1]
Baby girl, you're so damn fine though
I'm on you front to back so much that my rewind broke
You really got it like really got it. It really shows
Anytime anybody talkin' shit be like "What are those?"
Be yourself then watch everybody around you follow
Ain't messing with no amateurs. Keep them at the Apollo
I see you on the high but we keepin' it on the low though
I see 'em talkin' stupid, think Donald Trump talkin' Mexico
This ain't what you wanted though. Tunin' in like we didn't know
We will always keep it real like Kanye at an interview
And now we'll never know, what it feels to be like you
I'm like, yeah, she's fine
Wonder when she'll be mine
Walk past, I press rewind
To see dat ass one more time
And I got this sewed up
Devvon Terrell, they know us
I'm a young god, in weird I trust
No one can control us
Yeaaah, baby!

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