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Lovedivided - lyrics

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I can remember the times
When the grace was
shining on my face
Don't you see,
don't you feel those days are gone
They've vanished in the air.
Now I could not care less
of you and your poisoned mind
Cos' I have already seen
this thousand times
My emotions are hidden
in a place where you can't see
Hate is replacing the dreams
that we once shared
On these frontlines,
frontlines of mysteries
Hell yeah!
I can remember the love
At some point it became
one with my hate
And I can see how
you are wasting your life,
wasting your dignity
The light in my eyes is fading away
But I bleed no tears
cos' I know your destiny
How blind can you be?
Don't you know what I mean?
Lovedivided, Lovedivided
Extending agony
Lovedivided, Lovedivided
I hate your empty words
and the grin on your face, ah!

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