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Shape Shifters - lyrics

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They stare at you with hollow eyes
Still you can't figure out what they really want
Clearest greed has closed their lips
With bleeding heart you have to face their tricks
They'll take you in, they'll spit you out
Down on your knees you have to face their crowd
Without dreams your world can't remain in sight
You're trapped in their world, world of disguise
Your corrupted soul won't be reborn
At the end of the day they will deny you and your like
Judgement is now in the hands of the most inept
Shape Shifters
they don't care what you feel
they don't care if you bleed
you've sold your soul for those who don't give a shit
Your soul is now like an empty shell
Prayers to God will not chance a thing
The truth is always the first victim of war
And that is what they are waiting for

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