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Sorrows Piercing Art - lyrics

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Hear me, see me, feed me a glass of blessings
Mistress of the blissful hour
Fear me, sear me, tear me up in the night
Oh virgin goddess, shaven and pure
In the night of the calling wolf
In the night of the burning dove
Priestess, priestess, sing my pray
Hide my spirit, hide my form
From the ways of God
In the seas of sorrow
And the years of emptiness
Priestess, priestess, sing my praise
Oh virgin body all shaven and pure
Drained are the eyes of God
Throwing a baleful stare witnessing
Undressed bride, her spirit and form
Priest with everburn
She wakes from ecstatic darkness
Where peace and rest can never dwell
Night to burn the dove
Night for tears to fall
Hold the night beyond the rivers of day
Watch the darkness through night as
She lets her like dove sleep
When it's time to sleep
Time to sleep

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