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Encounter at Chronos' Maze - lyrics

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I've been lost for so long, I fell asleep once more
I've walked this path before, don't know where I belong
Swarming inside my heart, a storm of silent souls
No answer to my quest, just silence, tears and prayers
Awaiting for so long there is an open door
Whose threshold I have found, but who knows what's beyond?
Come and fly to me (through eterenity)
Take me home (into infinity)
We know we are bound
Now that old memories unfold
Lost in this endless coil, subdued by the unknown
Small pieces in the whole, condemned to be alone
This is a strong endless chain which never will break
We keep coming anf going, never in rest
I roam life after life, age after age, forever again...
Our love in different shapes, life after life, age after age...
There's something in your eyes...
Recall, somewhere in time...

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