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Maitagarri - lyrics

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A canopy of Green covers this wild forest
Ethereal sunbeams are flashing
A stream of pure water flows through this valley
The bastion I need to remain inside
In calm solitude I could hear them calling
Their melodies raptured my spirit
In singular charm I discerned her dwelling
Creature of love and lie chaser
Sweet nymph, you awaked again inside my mind
We so need your light to guide our paths
Why did you give up riding along our hearts?
Rejoicing our souls with your warm touch?
If only the world was aware of your shine
If they could only stare at your eyes
The chose not to see, protected by their blindness
It's easier to fill some empty lives
Take my hand, tell me what you see
Take my heart, full of joy, full of sadness: alive!
Sweet nymph, always ready to fight betrayal
And to sow our fields with wild roses
Blessing us mortals with infinite magic
We praise you, sweet nymph, don't leave us alone
Sentimenduen babeslea, amodiozko jainkosa.
Orein gainean doa basoetab zehar, Maitagarria.

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