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Spoilt Vampire - lyrics

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By your naive and innocent smile I was tricked
I still think it's not real what I can clearly see
You were honest; I trusted.
How can I feel so betrayed?
Now I wish you are happy with all what you get
Yes we know you are the best
Your triumph is deserved
How can I be so mean?
I should feel your disgrace
Always cry, always lie
Always hide, this is how you live
And nobody will know what really lies beneath
Spoilt vampire
From blind prey to deaf victim
You build your bright fate
Spoilt vampire
Our paths are divided
Our rage is our guide
Only we know what's
behind your sweet humble words
Pure arrogance in disguise
Pride will make you fall
You made the most of us
I don't get what's your final goal
Maybe you realized you are staying alone
Arrogantia odiosa est
For me it's still hard to believe, we were just blindfold pawns
One day you will take what you give and we'll be free

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