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Strangers And Angels - lyrics

Why is that man
taking all my time
bringing me down cause
he's begging for a dime
why don't get a job?
why is that girl
holding up the line
don't she know i got somewhere to be,
got a busy life
why don't she hurry up?
sometime it feels like they're all against me
standing in my way
but what if these strangers
are telling me something..
oH!i gotta slow up
i'm always in a rush
what if these strangers are
really my lessons
and the little i have is gonna be enough
maybe i should be thankful
stop being so ungrateful
for all of these strangers
coz what if they're angels?
what if they're angels from above?
so what if those kids
crossing the road
are keeping me from somewhere
im not yet supposed to go
and teaching me patience...Patience!
we're all living like we're made of steel
like the clock ain't ticking away
(repeat CHORUS)
so what if that man
who was taking up my time
was about to say something
that was gonna change my life
think i've figured it out
all of these strangers are telling me something...
from above

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