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A common man with a normal life, well respected and well known
A pillar of his piece of the world, friends and family that depend
Departs the path one day, leaving a self-shaped hole behind
Pretty and popular, known to all, a jewel in her parents' lives
A teenager that always smiles, never comes home one day
Like the chalk from the blackboard, only traces remain, fading every day
Drifting away
Who knows who erases them, and why?
Empty spaces slowly fade away
Walk out that door one last time, never to be seen again
A wife cries, alone in the night, mother and father look at the remains of memories
Time and place forgotten as the years fade away, no hand to hold, no tears to cry
Just a face and a name, no substance and no form, a picture in a frame
Drifting away
An unknown hand to guide their fate
A wisp of smoke carried on the breeze
Insidious traces of life tantalize, leading to who knows where?
A need to know long forgotten, a search for closure of the whole
A hint, a hope, a sign, a token, no remains are ever found
Never seen again, never seen again
Never seen again - erased like yesterday's chalk
Never seen again - a self-shaped hole remains
Never seen again - traces of life tantalize
Never seen again - out that door one last time

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Ascension to Eternity