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.45 Intent - lyrics

It started out so well, finally got the nerve to ask her
I can’t believe hot girl said yes, guess I’m just a lucky bastard
Staring at my shaking hands when her dad opened the door
With the lecture came the headaches, I’m not sure which hurt more
Your endless silence is what my violence demands,
Your crying will die in my hands
All throughout the night, her voice became a grind
Suddenly I realized the hands around her throat were mine
Constructed dreams and constricted screams turn gray,
Your life and your light fade away
Drowning in the searing guilt, reliving yesterday
In this bar surrounded by the ghosts of Bettie Page
Can’t rid my head of her staring eyes as I try to hold the glass
You joked “get her home in one piece” and fuck, I couldn’t even do that
(spoken) “..and I can’t take this!”
Basking in the silence at last hot girl’s screams are gone
I couldn’t get her home alive, now I’m replaying what I’ve done
The headaches start again, my brain still burns
Meaning just one single solution, tonight, Daddy, it’s your turn
I know just what you meant when you said you’d have my head
With .45 intent, it all comes to an end
(screamed) “..AND I CAN’T TAKE THIS!”

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