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Society's Child - lyrics

I have seen the coming of the end of our time
The city streets have become the blood fields of today
Our children die, no reason why, society's fault they say
Pray for us, the children scream, it falls upon deaf ears
Another one the system takes, another life gone to waste
A number on computer screens, what's your name, who knows?
John Doe's who they say you are, feel the hope just drift away
Take your place just down the hall, they'll come for you someday
All the why your heart decays, wondering if you'll live today
Take your place among the chosen, society's child
See us all our hearts are frozen, society's child
Find yourself among the ruins, society's child
Make your mark upon the world, that's not the way it works
The world's not such a friendly place, it's not as easy as it seems
Count the days until the end, the chair's your only friend
Conscience clouds tomorrow's coming, taste the blood upon your hands
Walk among the shadows child and see the damage wrought
Time is not your savior now, lost is the battle fought
I have seen the coming of the end of our time

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