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I can't leave you alone, even though I know I should
You dominate my thoughts, dreams recalled in sudden fury
When I close my eyes in the night, you're there every minute
Forcing me to remember the first time and relive the first
Lead me not into temptation
After all I'm only human
I see you from a distance, memories flooding back
Obsession twisting my resistance, concealing the pain that you bring me
My pain and fear seem as distant as childhood, nightmare
Visions overwhelm my senses
Feel you filling me with your essence, pulling me under yet again
Drag me down into temptation
After all I'm only human
And when the time comes around again that I'm too weak to resist you
You'll take another piece of my life away, slowly draining my will dry
Another day another dream, another hour closer to my end
My life's a spinning pool of regret, the anger fills my head
I can't resist, I can't refuse, I can't control my impulse
My life unrolls in shades of gray, fading slowly into the darkness
Smother me with your temptation
After all I'm only human
Lost myself in your temptation
After all, I'm only human

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Ascension to Eternity