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Wake Up - lyrics

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It really was all Drama's fault, I been had the mixtape done
He's like yea that's cool, But I'm bout to go to the Bahamas
I'm like Bahamas? Nigga we got work to do
We gotta finish killin the fuckin competition
We can start the funeral service
First off I wanna send my condolensces
Rest in peace to the competition
Sup Dram, Ya'll know what this is right?
Da, Da Grillz, Da-Da, Da Grillz

I am logged on to fuck niggas dot com
And I am everything these fuck niggas not Dram
Must be some confusion, You niggas are not me
I am an illusion, Really what you cannot see
So picture me, Like a paparazzi
H, dot N dot I dot C
WE don't play when we roll, No Yahtzee
And I hate you niggas, No Nazi
But this the holocaust, Rap genocide
Ike Turner take that bitch slaps in the ride
My shorty tellin me, Kill the competition boo
And I be tellin her there is no competition to
There Is No Competition 2
It's good to wake up look in the mirror and the only competition is u
And even that nigga ain't seein me
My reflection have a hard time bein me
So the tryna do me shit, It's time to dead it
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I'm what ya don't do, Even if simon said it
I kill em with the shine, Yea these black diamonds credit
And my watch is sick but I have no time for medics
Black ice in the Ottomar, This is custom order bra
First I call the jeweler up, Then I call the coroner
My car is foreigner, My bitch is from florida
I killed the pussy last nite so now her man is mournin her
Good mornin sir, I goodnight niggas
Y'all on death row, I Suge Knight niggas
Time to depart, I book flights nigga
Wassup son, What it look like nigga
Black dress, Black suits
Black shades, Black boots
Black truck, Black coupe
Guns blow, Black flutes
Black card, Black jewels
Black party bag
Black friday, Throw it in a body bag
Black barbie, That's what I call my black braud
African plug, That's what I call a black chord
Get ya sharps get ya flats, That's the black keys
Gettin slick will get ya holes in ya black tees
Black limos Black town cars, Black hearses
Black register books, Signed in black cursive
Black tears, White tissues outta black purses
That's procedure, When I'm sendin back verses

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Wake Up