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Yo Mad Dog
How you doing, bro?
You know, I was reminiscing about back in the days man
And then you see how the [...] has some good times nowadays, bro
But still, I remember the days that timetables and decoration weren't important, man
It was all about the music, man, the f***ing music
Kids dancing all around the floor going crazy
You know, the real ecstasy feeling
You know, bro, maybe we should do a track and teach the kids what it's like
From the depths of hell (of hell)
It's time for all of you motherfuckers to take a run (take a run)
As we enter the cave, you will recognize the true f***ing sounds (sounds)
The legendary (legendary)
The core
Gives you the fear of the law
Teach, preach, each and every one of ya [3x]
Teach, preach, each-
Here it is
So make the forces and noises you can applause
Teach you the fear of the law
The legendary
As they are ready to arrive, ready to shine, ready to shoot some motherfuckers through the head
So mother-fuck you and the bullshit that you're stressing
There's no use running away
You need to face your own fear
I'ma blast you out of existence

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A Night of Madness - The Future