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Mother Plague - lyrics

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The Plague proclaimed the age of stinking sorrow
The doors to my church are open for your tearful hearts
Salvation is here
Doomed children, I've a healing nectar. Close your eyes and swallow!
This dreadful world is turning to the shining land without Plague's wounds
Your dreams will be like rays of Elden Sun
Trust me and I'll save you
I've seen the End. Give me your eyes
Comprehend the final truth - I am the chosen one
The blindess is my gift to you
The way to paradise
I can take all your fears, all your suffering
Behind the saving blindess eternal light awaits
Forget about hordes of festering folk, going into nothing
I am the Mercy lifting you above mad world's disgrace
I am the gates between Hell and Heaven
My word is God's revelation over rotting world
I am the Mercy waking you up from human being's venom
You shall become the young gods. Come to the land of brightest gold.
Mother Plague, cradle them
Let the children dream in divine slumber
Mother Plague, as this world's condemned
The blindless will be hope when we're going under

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