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Enemies Of God - lyrics

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Where have you been? What happened out there that night?
I was taken.....
What do you mean, taken?
I was paralyzed
I could not speak
But only listen
I was not alone
There were six others
Assigned to the mission
We were not bound but
We could not move
While they spoke
Don't look at me that way
This is not a joke
Their eyes were black, a soul they lack
I can't go back, I must complete my task
Don't look at me that way
Their eyes were black, a soul they lack
I can't go back again
They're not from this world
They're from far away
I know it sounds crazy
The other six are poised to strike
Any day now
Trust me when I say
Our days are numbered
My eyes rolled back, my mind went blank
I woke in a tank, they stood above me
They stood above me
They told me the plan
They have for man
We must prepare for a great reckoning
The meek they shall inherit
What is left after the storm
The worst you can imagine
Soon will be the norm
The rising, raging water
The melting of the earth
Will bring us all to the feet
Of the only one of worth
The enemies of god are in the wind
The enemies of god are all who've sinned
So why were we created
If no hope does exist
Day to day in turmoil
We cannot fill their wish
Can we all be merely fodder?
Some great cosmic mistake
There has to be an answer
A different road to take

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