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Kingdom of the Sky - lyrics

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These are those lands
You never walked on before
These moaning voices you never heard
They will not disappear
Guiding you to the salvation
Oooh please - redeem me from this forever rain
Guide me to the clouds above
Oh guide me to the Kingdom of the Sky
No one knows how it sounds
When shadows cry
Only a drop of mist
In the ocean of souls
This is the one
The feeling you never felt before
Oh I can hear them, I can even feel
Them, on my skin a cold vibe, a breath from the
Oh hear them - hear them calling your
Name from the sky
Demanding you to these clouds above
Guiding us to the Kingdom of the Sky
Oh, can you hear - hear me bleeding
In these shattered ruins of mine
So old, so tired
Now in the Kingdom of the Night
This is for your memorial
Fall came upon our journey here
Journey that no one knows like you and me
Tired of sailing in these dark waters
One of these coldened night
When you slept forever
Taivahan portit ne sinulle raotetaan
Kun Tuonelan virtaan lautta lasketaan
Oh once so silent
These deadly waters
But no more
No more so silent they are
Darkened northern sky
Now moon shines upon this lake
Where we once were timeless
And free one lifetime ago
No one's safe as you
No need for a shelter
No need for a shoulder
Safe in a quiet tomb
No one's far as you
No burdens to bare
No worries to care
Sleep in peace
This won't be the same place again
A day without a sun a night without a moon
When you're not around
Adventure of life, remembrance of joy
Your memory will not fade away
Now for the last time we gather around
And sing farewell
Näin on päätökseen tullut yksi tarina
Kun kirkonmaalla nyt kuoppa peitetään
Nyt on havuinen peti sinulle tänne pedattu
Arkun me sinne laskemme
Niin moni nyt kaipaamaan jää

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