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The Cave - lyrics

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She's standing on the edge of perished dreams
Wondering why did the star fall and go dim
Cruel wind blows, far from the black ocean
Finally her time has come to find the release
It's hard to be strong when you're alone
It's hard to be free when you're afraid
Afraid of the other reality that follows you from
Kingdom of nightmares to the daylight
She's a little child asking someone to hold her hand
She's afraid of the shadows crawling on a falling floor
She told me a story :
I was asleep when
Dancing shadows came to me
They called my name
In my dream
I followed them
I was one of them
Nightmares became my truth
My own will vanished
The darkness was too tempting
I went to the cave and then
I never saw daylight again
I went deeper and deeper
The place was cold and wet
The further I went the better it felt
I was loosing the time but I didn't care
I was dancing on the wall with the shadows
I opened my eyes and saw you
I danced, you gazed
That was the last time
And then you disappeared
There's this lonely child
Smiling as she passes the graves
Soon she will come
To her own tomb
It's a stormy night
In her own fairytale world
I love the moment everything turns to dark
Then I go out for a walk in the park
I weep and then it always starts to rain
It's only me with my loneliness
And I'm the child of darkness

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