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You pursue me, yet you cannot escape your defeat.
As I planned, so my triumph’s complete.
You have brought me my possession.
She is my trophy, one I've chosen to always be mine.
She is here by my vengeful design, and my glory.
She is my glory...
Your mortal beauty will not be forsaken.
Let my power within you now awaken.
Seize your only destiny and renounce mortality.
The time has come to know death's cold embrace.
Within my world you have an honoured place.
The burning emotion of desire invites me
to savor delights no mortals possess.
I will enter your world and discover its splendor,
then completely surrender to your tender caress.
I have possessed you, beguiled your sensations,
now abandon yourself to new temptations.
I'll renounce mortality to fulfill my destiny
within this darker world, that you promised me.
Within my world...
Despite your world my soul belongs to me.
And so to hell I will consign
you damn beast of the undead, revenge is mine.
You are the Devil's incarnation,
but the damned of the night
are vanquished by our God's almighty light.
And now the hunter's captured as the prey.
You've caught your devil!
The creature I will slay.
I never once lost faith your reign would end.
Now into Hell again you will descend.
It's my duty to have served you, it's my honor so to do,
but I fear I will not see this battle through.
I loved you for the angel you are,
I adored you dearest Lucy from afar.
May the good Lord take my soul,
I have won my place in heaven,
and I loved you...
To have served again as comrades,
to have won this war from hell,
we are blessed that we survived and honor those who fell.
We are blessed that we survived and honor those who fell.

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