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Felt This Way - lyrics

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Just when you realize you're not alone
That moment I'll be sinking right into my memories
Yeah, my memories
Oh it was something you will never know
But I was there for you to hold your body in my arms,
Yeah, you in my arms
Yeah, we staring right through the sky
I'm thinking about that little place called mine
The shining star is in your eye
There's a thing about living free
This is all it's supposed to be
Remember all the pictures that we've taken
It's been a little while in my head
But if you're heart is ever running empty
I swear I would've breathe my love back in
Don't need nothing but you
Take me back to the truth
I don't need nothing but you
I swear I would've breath my love back in
I'm not too certain if you're hearing me
I've seen your face too many times to fall in love again
Fall in love again
You should've woke up in a different place
I guess I hate to see you there
You wanted more than world could've given you
I never felt alive
You probably will take another step into my soul
It's just another trap
I know it's gonna take you somewhere else
Go play your role

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