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It Was Easy - lyrics

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You're all about hype
You knock at my door but you had no invite
And you're doing this shit cause I gave you the right
You living a lie, this world is so blind
You living a lie
Banging on the walls cause your team gave up for solo me
Hanging from the fall cause I'm never scared to fucking dream
Screaming out for more, I'm tryna prove these fuckas wrong
I hope you finally noticed I am back at it at six
Cause I'm the coldest, broken parts I'm holding, stay with me
I guess I'm still the best at telling stories I've been feeling
Been around it, been about it, now I've got it
You're always switching sides
You're always focused on if we stay the same like if something was wrong
As if we're holding on, I'm barely holding on
Still I can fix your lonely home
Playing all kinds of games
It's been a while since I was watching
Always down for the cause
GOD these days "D" is coaching
They be watching my game on the side like they owe me one
They be watching my game on their ass like they're learning now
Sitting high above, laughing off good ol' times
When I still was in doubt - those were funny times
When I had fucks to give - those were precious times
UP & UP, I'm still in for the same purpose

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