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She wonders what it's like to be an astronaut in space
Cause she could barely wait to float among the angels
But could she tell me what she feels when I'm holding her so close
As she's the reason why I'm still wandering in this world
So take my everything
So what it was supposed to be? A dream that can't come true?
Rewind and save it all for us, yeah I don't know what to do without you
I'm trying to escape, I'm trying to ignore
But you're all I see so take my hand and come with me
I see your little halo
Oh, things tend to get low
People tend to get lost
Girl that I know, for sure
I'm reaching out to your verve
And I wish you could've take time on me this high
This slow, this slow
Touch, then grasp after your touch,
Then slowly losing control, Then slowly taking in back
Your turn, your turn
It always should've been you cause you're nothing like I know
I know, I know, my dream - your love
I believe, I believe

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