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Right Through - lyrics

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I left my home to find a new way without you
My own escape was lost in your head
I don't know why your smile is so deadly
You're laughing that's all I care about
And I hope I will see you again
All the things we've been through
Broken Hearts avenue
Can you promise it would still make sense to you?
I'm not holding you, oh I'm sorry it was nothing but a mistake
I never thought that I'd be the one holding the thread you hang by
We make mistakes to fall in a hole
The point's so lost, I swear I can't help it
You should just forget about it
I watched your soul as it prayed to the skies
So it was never gonna work
You're out of line
If I could fucking close my eyes...
The sky is red, the air is thin
I feel I'm slowly sinking under your skin

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