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Everyone's Out - lyrics

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Why would you lie
We had you in time
I know that you're hiding
Just let out a cry
Everyone's out
Won't you come down
You're fucking addicted to everything now
Everyone leaves
You call them thieves
They're just sick of you, you do as you please
Everyone cared
You had them scared
Now no one's around when your form is rare
Everyone tried
But you only lied
We left you for good when you had us on trial
Won't you come down
From the things you try
And the things that you flee
And just let out a cry
Because right now
You're clouded and shrouded
You wanted to get out problems
But got caught in all this
And The pills that you're swallowing
Make sure no one hears when you're calling
So put up a fight, get yourself out
And clean up this mess or you're out of the crowd
Oh won't you come down
The anger is now
The limit's been breached
And the crowd has a frown
You're ending it now
You're ending it now
You're ending it now
Get up right now
'Cus I need you so much
And the love that we lost
wasn't worth what it cost
You'll get drowned in the sound
'Cus the crowd goes so loud
It keeps spinning around
'Cus the darkness is out
You're afraid of yourself
You're afraid you're in hell
But I reach for your hand
And you try to rebel
Now The wake up is here
Don't you hide it in fear
I'm your friend 'til the end
But I'm telling you dear:
You're sick

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