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Set the heavens on fire - lyrics

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Boost my pain
Once again
What I gave was all in vain
Give it back
The time you owe
Please return to where you're from
Light the flame
Just a spark
Needs to make my bomb go off
A puppet to your strings, like I was hollow
Leeches on my skin
Kills me from within
Time to spin the wheel
Run for tomorrow
An outcast alone in the cold
I'm my strongest contender
It feels like I'm wrapped in a coil
Set the heavens on fire
Determined to bring it to you
All this sadness and sorrow
What's been given will come back to you
Set the heavens on fire
Heartless child
Welcome home
Broken bones, a heart of stone
Pictures bring back memories
Give it back
My identity
Forced to be
Forced to see
Crawling, falling, let me be
A puppet on your strings, like I was hollow

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