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So weak so feeble - lyrics

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I open my eyes
I'm getting cold
I'm balancing the blade as I walk alone
While crossing the line
A hundred times
I've never ever worried about the warning signs
I'm living my dream
A life of glass
As long as you are satisfied, leave out the rest
It's hard to explain
A cryptic mess
I'll do it again, it's a call for help
Yet one more plane to catch
Without no strings attached
Must be destined
Carved in stone
Am I insatiable?
Imagine you as me
So weak, so feeble
Kill my hunger
Make me pure
Reincarnated god
Dependence is my heel
Please someone rescue me
I'm quenching my need
My lust for more
I run around in circles
That's my metaphor
To bleach the black
You paint with grey
The future is ahead of me I hope and pray
An everlasting conflict for me to bare
Clutching weak straws
Just to stay aware
I'm building a wall to stay alive
My weakness is my will to strive

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