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My Only Wish - lyrics

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All is lost. There´s nothing to gain.
Time has gone. Nothing but pain.
Dreaming of freedom,walking in the rain.
In the silent night I see all what´s left.
I end my life of hate and regret. My only wish is to life
and forget.I give me life, I give up me soul.I have no
fear, I have no place to go.
I only wish to end this nightmare.
I only want a way out from this life.
There is nothing but grief in my heart. Only loneliness
by my side.The cold night out there somewhere calls
me quietly. Waiting for the miracle these pains adore.
So give me a way out of this life. End this nightmare,
give me hope.Darkness embracing,wintry eves falling.
All in my burned cell I bid you farewell.

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