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Something Awful - lyrics

My angels ain’t sober
I cry for them over and over but they move no closer
My demons grow colder
Been fighting my problems and vices
They beat me like Brody
Skulls in my collection
I pray for my prey before I head into their direction
No passive-aggression
No, my anger gets physical if it should be manifested
Noose around my neck to replace my blue collar
Threw dollars at Medusa while she do me rock-hard
Cause I’ve been dancing with the devil in her moments of bliss
What’s as romantic as a death and a kiss?
When I’m living in sin and I’m swimming in the most vivid of visions
Of women with skin like cinnamon
Benjamins iffin frivolous feelings
And timid-less reactions to threats
Villainous intentions the instant my ego is checked
My mind is a cage
My thoughts scatter like roaches
When light casts away all the shade
My heart is a pump
It push ichor and oil through me
As they leak out my cuts
Twenty different visions and they all seem sus
Fifty different choices and they all take guts
Ninety-nine crimes over nine lives
Now I got the nine to my head
And it’s all fucked up
Suicidal psychopath psychonaut
Sides and psychos they revolve
Lord of voids, girls and boys, bring the noise
I am the one to which you call
Super-soaker, wild up in the Croconaw
I got the flow but could evolve
No bull in my pit, just unlock my jaw
And I talk backwards because
Why the fuck you looking at me?
Tell me what you see
I’m an addict, I’m a fuck-up
I’m a fake, I’m a disease
All these dirty, gaudy motherfuckers
Don’t know what I make
Spark the blunt
Pop the bottles
Put your hands up
Praise the kings
Show your hands to the kings
Snap your neck to the beat
Man, fuck!
Aye yo, aye yo, aye yo, check
Fist-fighting with my vices gets me so excited
My heart afire, gonna burn, there’s no need to ignite it
Liar liar, now you’re burning in my presence
Brother learn your lesson
I don’t mind y’all turn em into weapons nigga
Show your hands to the kings
Snap your neck to the beat
Bitch what?
Dropout Kings gon’ reign supreme

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