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Sorrow and pain, coldness in vein.
Stiff, you look at me. But you can see no grace.
Screaming in vain. Turning insane.
Dumb, you try to speak. But your prayer dies in calm. feel the poison in your soul.
Fear and coldness spread in you.
Soon I will stand at your grave.
And will thank the poison in your vein.
Slowly it spreads, slowly you decay.
No days of grace cause poison knows no grace!
Your skin turns pale as beyond the veil.
Blind, you suck up to me. But your flight ends in dark.
It breaks you slow. Your toxic blood flows.
Frail, you try to plead. You burn up your last words.
Oh... you feel the poison in your soul!
Fear and coldness spread in you!! once all feel so right.
Right cause you're no more alive.
Slowly it spreads and slowly you'd decayed!
No days of grace 'cause poison knows no grace....

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Craving for Redemption