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Fiesta for Friends - lyrics

At the full moon tonight under the mountain
where the flames do meet the sky...
There will be tales and songs of celebration
spookes and angels hand in hand together as one
If you can't stand the light ~ be welcomed by the night
we shall sing 'n dance at the edge of the sky ~ yeah...
we can bring you spirits and we can bring you food
but we don't want to waste your time - or do ya think we should?
We're hitchin' a ride with the Devil
going down to his underworld
party tonight at the Devils
Angels will fly down from Heaven
rest their wings at the "singles-bar"
come it could last you forever
We will tumble, we will rock, do the Tango 'round the block
watch the striptease, play some Poker - All night long
we will shiver, we will shake, rock and roll until we break
we've got lots of honoured guests, this party ain't no fake
There's Mr. and Mrs. Devil
the 12 apostles with holy grails
angel and demons together
We're all on a fast train to Heaven
making toasts singing melodies
the party will last us forever.....

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