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Left-Right (The Night of Dreams) - lyrics

Tonight is the night of dreams, a full moon
it's a different scene. A town in action
hearts on fire, ooh, I wanna get burned...
I get out, I hit the streets, I'm hypnotized
by the beat and I'm feelng strong, I follow the sound
'cause the rythm is right
I feel the tension, I'm on the hook
pretty girls everywhere you look
a tempting smile ~ a tiny wink
could leave me standin' on the brink
Mama said, "...better listen son, you like the girls
and you want some fun, but the flame of love
is sometimes hot... do you wanna get burned" ?
And i said "... mama keep it cool, I'm old enough
I know the rules - I feel the urge, there's no return
'cause I'm already burned".
I feel I'm workin' up a cold sweat
a strange dizzinezz in my head
But here they come pretty maids in a row
lickin' lips, swayin' hips - "Oh, my God" .....
Left - right, left - right ~ Left - right, left - right
They walk in rythm now
Left - right, left - right ~ Left - right, left - right
It's my night of dreams .....

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