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We're Coming to Rock You - lyrics

It sure ain't easy when you start on something new
to face the difficulties all alone with nothing left to loose
That's why we're lucky to lead this big parade
we are immortal - invincible - a rock'n roll brigade
It's written in the skies high above ground
we are the strong survivors ~ spread the word around
We're coming to rock you!
We've fought our battles and we've lost a few
bt there's meaning in existence, now'n then love comes shinin' through
And if your time is a dull time ~ save it for another song
'cause we're the kind that like to think - life is fun - let's live
Don't mind the kings 'n queens, leaders come n' go
they may try to rule us but there's one thing they don't know
We will never stand as loosers we will fight until we fall
we're the strong survivors of the realm
tonight we sing our song
we have climbed so many mountains we have sailed so may seas. We have broken down all barriers
together you and me.

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