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Back to basics | ft. cade - lyrics

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Take it to another level we be getting louder
Freedom to express now my people getting prouder
Picking the flower growing tall like a tower
Counting down the hour till it all goes sour
We spreading hope like a disease of lies
Miss communicating, stimulating your eyes
that's the only way to theories
but then before you know it times up say good bye
Oh no here I go Jammin to the Riddim
Riding on loops I create while singing
I’m fun slinging noise pollution killing
Coming up with new ways to dance on the ceiling
Showing everything can be achieved if you want it
Do it every day even when they say stop it
Take a funky beat to the street and drop it
But it's ok if you just wanna blog it
Click-click goes the mouse on the pad
Holy shit says the mouse in the lab
Getting tested for people who invested
Time and energy when they should really be arrested
Loving mother earth for the oil when we found it
Committing crimes on the soil all around it
We all getting sad when we hearing all about it
But we aint getting mad so they think we allow it
Just shut the fuck up man listen to the lyrics
Step into another zone, get into the spirit
I know that you can feel it, so come and get near it
It’s all up for grabs in my latest exhibit
Don't inhibit your mind keep it elastic
Block the cocky cheese like a prophylactic
You know the vibe, you know the statistics
|: Come on now :|
|: Let's bring it back to basics :|
Greed can bite deep like a great white shark
Tear a man apart of the money
We face this every day by any means human beings
Take what they can from this land
So dig holes cut tree, pollute seas
Anything it takes to get the cheese please
Pay the governmen-tee a percen-tee off the top see
It all seems a little bit fishy to me
He-He gonna strip the earth dry leave it to DIE-DIE
then FLY-FLY in his brand new BM – W
Wouldn't you want it too?
Must this be the mustard on the tongue son
Be the keeper of your destiny fuck dirty tricks
Fix your three six deal
Wheel, spinning but it’s busted
Snort up the mustard / Wasabi sneeze out your disease
Kick the crab in the bucket
Quick fix kids
Hate then we love it
Above it, I see all the grass greener
Truth all distorted by the girl from Ipanema
YEAP! I mean-ahh like Tinka to Peter Pan
Lost boy love to concerned with a plan
Wiki-A-Dee-Wham-Bam here I am
I’m kicking up fuss so I must give a damn
No ill CAde – ah
Healthy alligator
Cheque please waiter then I’m out the door
I’m fit as I can be running with worn souls
Windscreen wiper vision helps me to see it - all
Just cry me river
Vibe gets cold stand near me you would shiver
I try to bring it back to basics
Understand facts evolve and then shake this

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