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Weak at the knees in the mouth of the beast with a fist in the air I march on
For the hunter is hunted its sword has been blunted by echoes of hunger in song
It’s blinded by lust from an ultimate plain in a castle that lives in the sky
My mission at hand is to murder its plan and bring down the all Seeing Eye
Together we stand in a fight for the right to be free from the lies and deceit
Our brains have been washed and our souls have been lost yet we will not back down or retreat
They will not give up it is obvious so we will unite with our consciousness
And eventually were going to repossess the freedoms we had while we clean the mess
Now as I stare into space I can see the stress on the physical plane of our consciousness
The things that we want we can manifest all we need is to focus
In the land of dreams it’s an endless sea where the conscious breathe for eternity
We can all unite there collectively what we need to believe it's easy
'Cos there are too many minds that are waking up and there are too many lies in the media
And now the youth of our culture is shaping up to be the spiritual army who will fight ya
But if we believe the world is gonna end we can make it happen so don’t pretend
That it’s not up to you and you've got no control, the power lives within your soul
Gaze there from a distance (4x)
Gaze there from a distance, call what you see a wonder of the end
Gaze there from a distance, we can all unite with our consciousness
Gaze there from a distance, spend the time and you'll see cleaner
Gaze there from a distance, we can all unite, we can all unite

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