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The sky is forever (4x)
As I’m tappin’ away upon my key pad
We’ve had too many cups but not enough tea bags
We sad
That it’s all about the me nag
All wiped up with a cheap rag
Glee’s bad
She’s mad about the games in her mind
The things she will say and the things she will find
Will keep pressing play and keep pressing rewind
Stuck in a loop may grind, yo but it’s fine
'Cos it’s a new day in the city
A welcoming committee
For the pretty and the gritty
Here kitty looking so witty
Come and get heavy and come and look silly
We all in a zoo we are domesticated
Just like ya fruit but more complicated
Kinda overrated, underestimated
Interrelated now the loves translated
The sky is forever (4x)
I feel the press on my chest from all the stress that I’m getting
The chatter and clatter is getting fatter by the second
We boast the most as we approach Armageddon
The city’s a pity of the infinity we getting
So I zoom out and I fall into a dream
My shadow shouts as my eyes begin to scream
But I just let go, no need to intervene
The mudders of colours combobulating into a dream
Now I, find myself on a whole new level
Solid is a sound and a liquid is the treble
My mind is the truth and my body is the vessel
I’m totally at one no need to be a rebel
I just lay back and shut my eyes
Excuse me while I kiss the sky
Let me fly, into your mind and improvise
So I can ride upon a melody and harmonise
The sky is forever (8x)

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