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Words Of Warning - lyrics


(i've seen things you people wouldn't believe)
this is a big warning to the whole nation
this is a question to the black and the white
do you want to live it peaceful
upfill and right
cos' we're living on the edge of racial tension
we no want to see it go offf like a nuclear bomb
there is a lesson we can learn from the south-african
another lesson we can learn is from the palestinian

words of warning these are words of warning (4x)

it's the children of the earth
what's their destiny?
cos' if you're teaching your kids hatred
then you must me crazy
cos' this world is getting wicked
an' the times are getting wild
will there be no place of peace
where this evil will not reach?

words of warning these are words of warning (4x)
ahhh yeah

what is going on in this little island
homegrown nazis
messing up the nation
they want to kill pakistanis
an' te shoot black man
this is not the solution
to the earth problem
it just breeds bad vibes and contention
we no want it to go off
like a nuclear bomb
peace and love is for everyone
not war an' pain and destruction

words of warning these are words of warning (8x)

the colour of a man's skin means nothing to we
peace and love in adey community
me no want no trouble
and we no wan no strifle
equal rights is for everybody

words of warning these are words of warning (8x)

(it was the crack that brought me on the street)

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