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Things are about to explode
Like a dubnamite (Hey)
Let us all unite and I'm sure we're gonna
Make it right.
Now come up like a dubnamite
From each and from every side
Release off your chains
Boom-explode like a dubnamite
All my people will be free
Freedom is now all we need
If you would just set us free
We can show you quality.
I cannot let anyone crash me over
As I stand on my course
I'm not afraid of anything that's blocking me
I'm not afraid of human force.
Read it man, feed with man
Breed it man, feel with man
Touch the light, walk at night
Be all right, all the life
Open wide, get way out
Talk about, get it strong.
Can't be wrong, don't lose hope
Be so proud
Recognize, realize
Stop the lies, be a wise
Search the past, get a bless
Take a rest, slow progress
Find the key, follow me
Where it is, have belief
All my people will be free
Freedom and equality.
Today decisions is a threat
So we usually turn our back
Turn our faces to the other side
Don't you ever swallow their lies
Oi, dreams are spredin'
Chances waiting
Way too long going
Way to strong showing
Mostly mistaking
Countinue faking
Who do we attend to decive
We should just belive.
Justice is so far and the people suffer
The rich is getting richer
And the poor is poorer
Many of them think
That they are really high above the law
Don't you mess now with the people
We can show you how you fall
Just want to say to the government
We can no more tolerate
Those who sleep in Parliament
We can no more tolerate
Step back, hit the brakes, all of that
We can no more tolerate
We can no more tolerate
We can no more tolerate.
We'll never change our riddim'
That's how we're goin' to fight within
Justice is far from this land
Justice is far
Justice is far
Man you can't get nothing but war
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why just can't get nothing bur the war?
Why you're wasting' you precious time?
Why you're losing all, where ang porqua?
Why you're losing mind in the games of war?
In the games of war...
We'll never change it, our riddim'
That's how we're goin' to fight within.

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