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Ancient Willow - lyrics

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Deep within foggy knolls of laden dew
Where mist rolls over the downs
An ancient willow, curtains weeping
Charms a forest forever sleeping
A sentinel of fear and death he gazes
With piercing green eyes, stoney in nature
Hiding the paths made by travelers before
By it's thorny roots of elders lore
His reign to the forests throne grows fiercer
Valleys around cower in the shadow of evil
Twisting his limbs deep into the ground
No man will escape or be found
Screaming whispers pass through the hedge
In the shadow of the darkened barrows
Cold and grey the grass grows still
Under the reign of the ancient willow
Slip into the forest of old
Deep into the heart of malice
Follow the path chosen for you
Heed it's song of beauty
Feel the roots grip your mind
A dark mental prison
Deceived by the ancient willow
A slave to the forests decision

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