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Everything is over - lyrics


Every single day and night,
pain and feelings you don't like.
Bite tablet of poisoned life,
this is anger, you cannot hide.

Black death devours soul and mind,
forgotten god died without fight.
This is nothing nice to hear,
reality makes it more clear.

I see this is over,
pure man killed by a soldier.
Massacre was performed,
nations doomed to extinction.

It's over now,
we destroyed our country
no future existence is allowed.

God failed tonight demon is born,
preachers scream their bullshit laud,
Brainwashed people creeping on,
this is insane, help me stop!

Crucified and killed wisdom,
I lost faith and all my love.
Squeezing my neck by a rope.
Suicide gives vent to pain now.

Lyrics was added by Koli008

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