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11 o'clock, who's ringin' my phone?
I'm just cool, laid back like Nina Simone
I don’t recognise the number though
So I let the number go
Then I text the number - Yo
Who’s this? What’s happenin'?
Who’s hollerin'? While I’m stretched back, mag sittin'
That's weird, so somethin’s going on
Then I think we should reach 'coz somethin’s going on
I can smell a party ten miles away
Blindfold, locate, when the ??? say
So you know I gotta reach, get just white kicks
Do irregular peach
And that’s fresh fresh fresh
I’m ready for to stick in this, yes yes yes
I jump up, move straight to my car
Start drivin', text back - yo tell me where you are
I pull up, stop right by the door -
It’s a house and a club, I’ve never seen this before
You remember `Eyes wide shut`? This is `Eyes wide open`
Make my eyes light up
Knock knock - yep let me come in
On the list from your friend, mate nope, you go in

The doors open to a beautiful sight
Downs fresh like linnen and those pearls are nice whites
Caught two ??? from next room through doors
Shortee Blitz was cutting the hits
I didn’t see Rodney B., but I bumped into his skits
Now I’m deep in the middle real tight
Like a huddle, hold on, spell it trouble
I’m surrounded by 99 girls
And at least 97 could run for Miss World
Yep it’s a stushy one but I don’t care what you wag at me -
One: I like them crisp but humble
Know how to handle for themselves in the jungle
But for a wager she's grounded
Loves to roll big but she respects when she’s rounded
Yeah that’s a diamond in the dirt, call it, damn it
And this dance is flawless, 18 rooms and the floor's enormous
Wind up superbly with this Mïss Gorgeous
Wanna come, text me up, I’ll call you after the chorus

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