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Story of Power - lyrics

Painful is the fall, I’m not invincible after all
Your look, down on me, is the one of victory
Now I see that failure is not only for the weak
Do I need to die to finally rise ?
Let them dance
Let them feast
Let them trample your new grave
Raise your claws
Come and share all my remains
You can take everything you want
You can try to stand my ground
You will fall like everyone
And I will rise again to crush you
Vultures won’t build you any kind of sepulchre
They will just rip you up with all your work
Bite the bullet, swallow your pride, and put their smiles aside
Focus on your way out ready to fight
Look at me
Look at me
This is who you pushed me to be
Look at me
Look at me
And fear me !
Let me dance
Let me feast
Let me trample your new grave
I told you
Remember ?
I shall claim all your remains
I will take everything I want
Be sure that I'll stand your ground
I shall be above everyone
And even if you’re down I will crush you
…God, what have I become ?

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