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Otherside - lyrics

Do you ever think about me
All good, you probably busy
Me too, can’t count the blessing
They're been too many lately
All day, been smiling lately
Thankful like we cut the turkey
Just about to butt heads with big three
And man, I feel James worthy
Sometimes, I think about you
Even in the midst of good news
Then I got to go home
Pull out all the old bones
From the closet and then I see you
And you’re still cheesing
My God, it’s messing with my head
Cause you took mine
Sometimes, I just call
I know you won’t pick up
Can’t ever help myself and try
Scared you're scared alone
So every night I hope
I see you on the other side
(Side, side, side, side, side
Side, side, side, side, side)
Are you sleeping alone
Cause if you are, I can meet you there
I'm sleeping alone
And it’s killing me anyway
I hate that you're gone
And when I lie in the dark alone
I die a little
Every time I reach out and its cold

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