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Death Note - lyrics

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Once A clumsy death god with a clown look
laughed at when he drops his black note book
On earth it lands somewhere near nigh
Til it gets picked up by yagami light
Yes the books special, if you just listsen
Watch a man perish when his names get written
Hes a high schooler, nobody teased him
But he just wants to kill for some reason
You can pick a name, the book is majic
So he writes down the Wicked and the savage
if you want power yes you can have it
shinigami sez that it comes with baggage
I dont know much about lifes harshess
then a death god appears in the darkness
promise me you wont be a hassle
I am haunting you fetch me an Apple
apple for my shinigami
light years before they all find me
Death Note! ... Death Note!
stop for i cath you
This is L, I have questions
Theres bin killings in youre section
Though kira sed nothing, its bin evidenced
that hel be the puppeteer for the dam president
for what I might say take no offense but
You look like you got a bunch of emo friends
Can you please explain changing the topic???
Oh nothinn Ya eyes look like you gothic
Why dyu murder criminals of your choosing??
Hahha You humans so amusing (Ryuuk)
Shut the ... up!
I mean stop accusing
Cuz im pretty sure kira donnt like loosing
Plus ya Top forensics they wannna state facts
So they stalked my girlfriend, ?? investigate that
Wel please call me back when you hear some things
Let him step right up for the heart piercinng
Pay attention k I know who you are
And wikedness methods to kill from afar
Ya Childish ambitions to be a False god
by following criminals and leavin they Pulse gone
impressive but I could have spoke it simpler
who are you,?
you should know im Ls avenger
how do I know that youre not a fake construct?
puzzle pieces fit ya criminal conduct
now before i green light when I tell them
please brief ya purpose
Tse ! very well then
it is quite simple to impose my way
think of the tiny girl when she swings and plays
till a rapist walks by one day...
I get the picture
Then you see im sane
So near tell me what you know about pain
Il asuume, nothing when I scribble youre name
The clocks tickin im the king no catch
The its Rook-e8 game set match ...

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