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Days go by, but not the pain
Mental wounds drive us insane
Left alone out in the cold
(Legends unfold)
Shattered dreams lie on the floor
As we all prepare for war
Waiting while all hell breaks loose
(Tales are told)

Fearlessly we all set out to
Rise above and take what's ours
As we ride our swords are drawn
We ride into the fight

No remorse as we say
You will all die
Victory in our hearts
Vengeance is what we crave
Bodies fall to the ground
Staring at the sky
Fighting till death while our
Legacy lives on

Time has passed its still the same
Still they play their heartless game
Ancient rule has made its claim
(No exceptions)
Newborn cities fall to the ground
Flames engulf us all around
Waiting for our death we cry
(We will not die)

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