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Pretty boy - lyrics

You're like my shadow
You're a borderline stalker
But you've never kissed a girl
You're just a big talker
You look like a runaway doll
High fashion know it all
Your favorite phrase
Is OMG that's so hot
Every time I see you you look pretty
Better than the girls in New York city
But you are a boy So pity pity
Oh oh, Oh oh
Perfect little hands that are always kept nice
Porcelain skin with charming blue eyes
But you're much too fine ever to be mine
Oh oh, Oh oh
Such a prissy preppy
Too long to get ready
Pretty boy
Oh oh, Oh oh
Yeah a delicately
Packaged precious toy you
Pretty boy
You get mistaken for
A girl cause you rock girlie jeans
You wear so much guyliner
People think your Bon Jovi
I've changed my number thrice
But you still can't see the signs
Only want guys
That aren't more beautiful than me
Flowers grow and flowers fade
But beauty of the soul remains

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